President's Message

Southeastern Family and Friends,

I am pleased to provide you with a toolkit for promoting our university. We, as the stakeholders, benefactors, supporters and students, have an important responsibility. It is our duty to ensure that the best of Southeastern is communicated properly and regularly. We are the university's advocates, and it is through us that the story of Southeastern is told best. It is through us that the story is most sincere.

This website and the tools within will help us communicate confidently and promote Southeastern. Communication success is a simple formula: consistency x repetition = success. Through these webpages and tools, we hope to affect the consistency factor. We all want to be saying the same things and touching on the same themes.

By understanding Southeastern's competitive advantage and brand personality, one can better articulate it. If we are all singing from the same hymnal, the voice is consistent, clear and direct. Please spend some time learning how best to communicate about Southeastern. The more of us from within that are using this, the more our message will spread.

Being the best kept secret on the Northshore is a thing of the past. We now need to be the best known treasure on the Northshore. Please be a part of our army of communicators by becoming a University Advocate. Your stories and conversations are better than any billboard or radio ad, and we need your help!


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John L. Crain