Logo Misuse

Think of Southeastern’s logos and identifiers as an image. It is not artwork to be manipulated or displayed in an unusual manner. 

Examples of what NOT to do when using our word mark system:

Do NOT manipulate the word mark in any way. You should not try to type it in a different font, space it out, place a drop shadow behind it, stretch it, put it on a distracting background, use a low-resolution version or web version on print (pixelated), put anything around it, make any of the words or letters larger or smaller than the rest of the word mark, tilt it or use it with another symbol incorporated.

The logo, wordmark, departmental lockups or identifiers are not to be altered in anyway without the help of the design team from University Marketing and Communications.

View page 12 of the Full Logo Identity Standards Guide for visual examples of logo misuse.