University Logos

Southeastern’s visual identity is vital to our brand. It represents the University from the President’s Office to the Chemistry Department to the Football team. The logo is an identifier of who we are, a signature mark of our character, strength, excellence and value. It should be presented as the most consistent component of our communications.

Full Logo Identity Standards Guide


Southeastern Louisiana University New Logo


The Shield

With inspirations from the past, from campus and from our vision of the future, the logo is a clear depiction of Southeastern’s brand.

The shield is drawn from the center of the University’s seal.  The prominent S reflects the use of a “S” in the immediate past University and Athletic logos.  The font of the wordmark person was chosen as a contemporary sans serif font that envisions Southeastern’s future. The Shield S is a unique treatment of the S from both the University and Athletic fonts.


University Logo (Horizontal)

This version of the logo pairs the shield S with the full name of the university.  Horizontally oriented, it works together on a single line.  This version should be the most commonly used configuration.

Southeastern Louisiana University Horizontal Logo



University Logo (Stacked)

The version places the shield S above the full University name. While this version provides flexibility, it should be used more sparingly than the horizontal version.

Southeastern Louisiana University Stacked Logo



Shield S Graphic Mark

The graphic mark is a part of the primary logo and should generally only be used within the logo structure.  It may be used in special circumstances on occasion in a stand-alone manner.  This type of usage may include specific space limitations and situations where the context of Southeastern Louisiana University is obvious and the graphic mark will not be misconstrued as another entity’s logo.

When used in a stand-alone manner, the mark must appear in its three color (white, green, gold) format unless color printing is not possible.  It must then appear in its one-color version in black, white, or green (PMS 357).


Shield S Mark