Digital / Website

Meeting People Where They Are.

Our team of developers, designers and strategists can assist in redesigning or developing a website, creating an interactive content or getting started on social media.



University Web Services is responsible for leading strategy development, execution, enhancement, and support of Southeastern’s web presence, including its colleges, divisions, centers, as well as the university’s special initiatives.

The University Web Services team specializes in building secure and accessible websites with the goal of delivering a holistic and synchronized user experience. Web Comm works closely with IT to ensure that the web presence reflects the university’s initiatives, goals and objectives, as well as compliance with publication standards. By understanding the unique needs of our stakeholders and website stewards, University Web Services can deliver an engaging user experience in support of RIT’s web standards and brand. We can work with you to develop:

  • Web strategies for your online presence

  • On brand website design and development

  • OU Campus content management system implementation

  • Online event registration systems through various formats

For assistance with updates to an existing website or creating a new site, please contact



Digital and Social Media 

This includes the development, planning and production of marketing, promotional, news and online video projects that describe and promote Southeastern. It includes the use of web-based and mobile technologies to interact with a range of audiences through text, images, video, audio or shared links. UMC serves as the gatekeeper of the university’s social media policies and guides, providing assistance and training to colleges, departments and units seeking a social media platform and presence.

We work to include a strong digital community through honest engagement, participant interaction and organic storytelling.