Meet Christina Blair

Christina BlairWhat are you involved in?

National Association for the Advancement of Color People(NAACP), Public Relations Students Society of America (PRSSA), and Orientation Leader


What is your favorite place on campus?

The Pennington Center, its got everything you need to stay healthy and have fun!


What is your favorite class so far?

Communication 151: Journalism – I enjoy learning the skills necessary to be a good communicator and journalist.


What are your hopes for your future?

In the future, I hope to open up my own non-profit organization that would provide mentors and opportunities for under-privileged teens in the New Orleans area.


Why did you choose Southeastern?

I chose Southeastern because the first time I stepped foot on the campus, I felt like I was at home. The people on campus were so welcoming and made me feel like this was where I belonged. Southeastern was the first college I had ever seen, and immediately after I got into the car with my mom, after the tour was over, I told her this is where I want to be. She laughed and said I should continue to explore my options, but I already knew that Southeastern was where I belonged.


What are some thoughts about your experience here?

This story shows how caring this place is. My sophomore semester, I left my room twenty minutes early to have enough time to get to class and settle down before my 8:00 a.m. exam. I walked all the way to the classroom and no one was there. I started emailing some of my classmates to see whether the location had been moved. I rushed to my room to make sure I had written down the correct directions. Knowing the location was correct, I went back to the classroom to see if I was just a little too early the first time and everyone had not yet made it there, including the teacher. I waited five minutes and noticed that no one was coming. Then I began to panic. I ran up the stairs of D. Vickers Hall and spoke with one of the Communication advisors. She told me to calm down and not to panic. She said that she would find out when and where my exam was, and that I did not have to worry. After a few minutes, she told me that my exam was in the same room but was not scheduled until 11:00 a.m. I felt such a relief. The advisor helped me when I felt like nothing was going well for me. She even made a joke that since I was up early, I had time to go study some more for the exam. I went from being worried and scared to calm and collected. It was all because of the wonderful staff we have here at Southeastern.


What would you tell a prospective student?

Come to Southeastern – it is like a family. I would tell a prospective student to never give up, even if times get tough. If you are committed, you will succeed, and Southeastern, the faculty, the staff and your friends will all be here to make sure you graduate ready for your next step in life.