Meet Neil Bourgeois

Neil BourgeoisWhat are you involved in?

I was a 2014 Orientation Leader, I am 2015 DSA Ambassador, I am a brother of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, I am an ExCEL Scholar, I am on the Student Advisory Board for Auxiliary Services and I am apart of the National Organizational Communication Association.


What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus would have to be the union. It's where I go to hangout with all my friends and have a good time.


What has been your favorite class?

So far my favorite class has been Leadership 301. I love any chance that allows me to further my leadership skills.


What are your hopes for your future?

I plan to go to grad school and get my masters in Higher Education/Student Affairs and hope to one day receive my doctorate in leadership.


Why did you choose Southeastern?

I chose Southeastern because I attended Lion Pride Preview and all the departments really impressed me. It felt very inviting and I just knew that this place would be my home for the next 4 to 5 years.


What are some thoughts about your experience here?

While here at Southeastern I am being mentored by some amazing people in the Office for Student Engagement. Not only am I getting the chance to work in the Office for Student Engagement but they help me understand what a career working in Student Affairs will be and are always there for any questions I have. To have people on this campus who would do that for a student shows how amazing our faculty and staff here at Southeastern.  Also, my relationship with my professors has been great. They have all shown me that I am not just another student but that they care about me as an individual. I have never had a problem with asking one for help. Most of my professors still check up on me from time to time. The fact that they remember me shows that they care.


In 15 words or less, describe Southeastern:

Southeastern offers its students opportunities that they wouldn't get at other universities.


What would you tell a prospective student?

I would tell any prospective student to ask themselves why are they coming to college? If they are coming to college to feel like more than just a number, to receive an outstanding education and to make memories and have experiences that they will never forget; then I say come join our lion family at Southeastern. This university has made me the person I am today. From the education, the opportunities given to me and the friendships I made - I am proud to call Southeastern my home and I know they will too!