Alyssa Larose

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

While serving as Miss Southeastern and the University’s first Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador during her undergraduate days, Alyssa Larose ’20, ’22 was drawn to experiential marketing—so much that she stayed to earn a master’s degree in strategic communication. She is now already representing top brands, including Coca-Cola, as a senior account executive for Red Moon Marketing.

Her new job is also taking her across the country, bringing her one step closer to achieving her other dream of visiting all 50 states and 7 continents.


action plan

  • Gain experience working with media as a student worker and graduate assistant in the Student Publications Office.
  • Become a public relations pro as an ambassador for the College of Education, Division of Student Affairs, and Coca-Cola.
  • Get ready to lead as a Homecoming coordinator and an SGA senator.
  • Compete in the Miss Louisiana Pageant—twice!
  • Intern at the You Are Here Agency on the Coca-Cola team.