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Welcome to Orientation 101!


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Your academic journey begins with ORNT 101, a REQUIRED one-credit hour on-line course to acquaint beginning freshmen and transfer freshmen with what they need to know to be successful in a college environment. 


To get started in ORNT 101, first access your Southeastern e-mail account through Webmail and read an e-mail from your instructor.



1)  Log-in to Blackboard and go to the Course Information section.  Log-in to Blackboard by clicking the Blackboard link at the bottom of the Southeastern home page.  On the log-in page type your username (W#######) and your password just as you did for Webmail.

2)  Read the course syllabus.  You should review it thoroughly.  Pay special attention to the course calendar and the deadline dates.

3)  Sign up for in-class lecture sessions:  Go to and sign up for your preferred in-class lecture session date and time for the week of January 22-26 (Unit 1) and for the week of March 12-16 (Unit 4).

4)  Complete the course pretest: You should complete the course pretest in Blackboard during the week of January 16-19. You cannot begin work on Unit 1 until the course pretest has been completed.

5)  Make a note to begin working on Unit 1 (Computer Tools) on January 22.  Keeping up with the course calendar is very important in an on-line course.  Don’t fall behind in your readings and assignments.


Note the following important message: Spring 2007 is the last semester that ORNT 101 will be offered. It will be replaced by a 3-credit hour graded course in Summer 2007 that will include face-to-face class meetings as well as on-line learning. If you make an F in ORNT 101 this semester, you will be required to take the 3-credit hour course next semester.



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