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Southeastern to present first tap dance concert April 2

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Student choreographer Danielle Boudreaux

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SOUTHEASTERN DANCE TO “TAP IN” – The Southeastern Louisiana University dance program will present the university’s first tap concert on April 2 in Pottle Music Building Auditorium. Featuring student choreographers Amanda Bazile of Covington and Danielle Boudreaux, pictured, of Marrero, the concert is dedicated to Professor Emeritus of Health, Physical Education and Dance Katie Planche Friedrichs, a Southeastern faculty member from 1951-1984. Dance professor Martie Fellom will direct the Southeastern dancers choreographing for the 7:30 p.m. concert.

     HAMMONDSoutheastern Louisiana University’s dance program will “Tap In!” to a different dance genre with the university’s first tap concert April 2.

     The free 7:30 p.m. concert will be presented at the Pottle Music Building Auditorium.

     The one-hour concert is dedicated to Southeastern’s first dance director, Professor Emeritus of Health, Physical Education and Dance Katie Planche Friedrichs. A Southeastern student herself, Friedrichs began teaching at Southeastern in 1951 and retired in 1984.

     According to her successor Martie Fellom, Friedrichs built the dance department virtually from scratch and is credited with bringing modern dance to Southeastern.

     “If she had not brought modern dance to Southeastern with a degree program, I probably would not have attended,” said dance professor and concert director Martie Fellom. “I was the third or fourth dance major to graduate in the program.”

     “It took me 18 years to get the dance major,” Friedrichs said. “I wasn’t about to let it go because I knew what it meant for the program.”

     During Friedrichs’ tenure she brought dance legend Charles Weidman to Southeastern for several artist residencies. Weidman is known as one of the big four pioneers of modern dance, along with Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, and Hanya Holm, Fellom explained. Friedrichs studied dance with Wiedman, Holm, and Graham, three of the big four.

     Friedrichs credits Southeastern’s first dance instructor, Dorothy Hoyle, with nourishing her love of modern dance.

     “She instilled in me the love of modern dance,” Friedrichs said. “She talked my parents into sending me all over the United States to study – Columbia University in New York, Colorado College, and the University of California at Berkeley. Fortunately, my parents could afford to send me.”

     The first ever tap dance concert will feature a variety of styles and student choreography Fellom said.

     “One of the highlights of ‘Tap In’ is the performance of the Tenacious Tappers, a group of ladies over 40 that was formed 18 months ago in celebration of my sister Cynthia’s 60th birthday,” Fellom said. “Our group meets every other Friday and has a blast!”

     Cynthia Fellom Tricou is a retired Southeastern education professor and former Southeastern Lab School principal.

     Tricou decided it was time to start having fun again and to celebrate the friendships of strong, intelligent women who have survived life’s good times and bad.

     “As we continue to grow and learn, we keep getting better and better,” Tricou said. “It’s not over!”

     The Tenacious Tappers will perform to “Friends” and include Virginia Adelmann, Jeri Angeron, Gina Anthon, Michelle Bates, Teri Bickham, Syndee Brown, Colleen Burt, Marilyn Burt, Penny deBoisblanc, Leslie H. Dunn, Beverly Drude, Martie Fellom, Artie F. Gautier, Patti Gautreaux, Monty George, Celeste Graham, Sandee Hinton, Laurie Irion, Dianna Laurent, Carole McAllister, June “Doobie” McNeil, Georgette Phares, Cheryl Quarles, Anna Rolling, Ellen Sovkoplas, Roxanne Stoehr, Renee’ Swalm, Linda Synovitz, Cynthia Tricou, Cyndi Trygg, Andrea Turner, Patsy Kay Turner, and Barbara Veatch.

     Amanda Bazile of Covington and Danielle Boudreaux of Marrero will serve as student choreographers for the show.

     Bazile’s piece, “Twisted Cadence” features 14 dancers and is a collection of beats that shows the integration of rhythm and sound.

     Dancers for “Twisted Cadence” include Boudreaux and Alyssa Dimarco of Marrero, Nicole Judson of Baton Rouge, Bazile, Ayla Expose of Kenner, Katy Morse of Loranger, Brittany Zacary of Mandeville, Austyn-Marie Hollowell of Metairie, Stefanie Moothart of Monroe, Jeoffery Harris of New Orleans, Courtney Stropolo of St. Rose, and Kaleigh Brandt and Tara Thiel of Slidell.

     “Guilty Conscience,” Boudreaux’s piece, features 11 dancers and is about “trying to keep a secret and the struggle of dealing with a guilty conscience,” Boudreaux said.

     Dancers performing Boudreaux’s piece include Dena Shaffett of Baton Rouge, Lauren Boudreaux of Mandeville, Rayna Johnson of Harvey, Amanda Petitfils of Luling, and Bazile, Brandt, Boudreaux, Expose, Moothart, Stropolo, and Zacary.

     Beth Fagan of Main Street Dance Academy is the guest choreographer for the concert. She will choreograph two pieces for the show – “Wonderful World,” a solo danced by Shelby Jo Patti and a group number performed to “Everybody Dance Now.”

     Fellom and her twin sister, Artie Fellom Gautier, also choreographed and will perform a soft shoe number to “Me and My Shadow.”

     For more information contact Fellom at or (985) 549-2133.  

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