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Mind's Eye: Imagination

Southeastern faculty present six independent short films October 14

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     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University dance professor Martie Fellom and English faculty member Alan Marsh, both recipients of the President’s Award for Excellence in Artistic Activity, will present “Mind’s Eye: Imagination,” a compilation of six independent short films, Oct. 14 at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts. 
     The presentation is part of Fanfare, the university’s October celebration of the arts, humanities and social sciences.
The free 7 p.m. program of films, all with local ties, depicts children in a variety of genres, from comedy to drama to magical realism. The films portray life through a child’s perception. 
     “We are happy to showcase these films. Since their original premieres, there have been editing revisions, so if you attended the original premiere, you will be surprised by the new revised versions,” said Fellom. “In some instances scenes were added, but in most cases scenes were shaved and tightened up for a quicker pace.”
     “We welcome all cast and production members to the Oct. 14 screening, as they will be recognized at the event,” said Marsh. 
     The six short films to be showcased in “Mind’s Eye” are: 
     ▪ “Hope,” an experimental short and Fanfare premiere, was conceived and choreographed by Fellom with cinematography and editing by Steve Kleyle. The four-minute film predominates with lights and sounds and was made possible through a Southeastern faculty development grant. 
     ▪ “Rabbit Moon” is an 11-minute live action animation shot by Marsh, who also produced, wrote and directed the piece with Fellom serving as editor. Other credits include Jason Kileen, CGI animation; Mobygratis, music; and Conor McGibboney, key grip. In the film, a little girl learns to cope with adversity with the help of a children’s book. The film, made possible through a Southeastern faculty development grant at Southeastern, was the winner of the 2009 Silver Remi in Family/Children films and was screened at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival. 
     ▪ “Wish” was directed and produced by Fellom and written by Marsh. Other contributors include Claude Levet, photographer; Conor McGibboney, music; and Brandon Cubas, sound recording engineer. The nine-minute piece features a father’s birthday, a little girl’s wish and the realities that threaten to invade their Louisiana home. The piece is the recipient of the 2002 Gold Award in Experimental Films at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and the 2002 Silver Award in Experimental Films at the Crested Butte Reel Fest in Colorado. “Wish” was also screen at the 2004 Black Earth Film Festival in Galesburg, Ill. 
     ▪ “Wild Kingdom,” a dark comedy, was written and directed by Marsh and produced by Fellom. Other contributors include Claude Levet, photographer; Stephen Suber, music; and Andrew Richmond, editor. The 14-minute piece features a junior high student who uses his knowledge of animal camouflage techniques to avoid being called on in the classroom. The film won the 2005 Bronze Remi award at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and was also screened in 2004 at the Longbaugh Film Festival in Portland Oregon, the Flint Film Festival in Flint, Michigan, and the Black Earth Film Festival in Galesburg, Ill. 
     ▪ “The Firefly Club” is an experimental drama written and directed by Marsh, produced and directed by Fellom. The 24-minute piece features three children who become lost in the woods collecting fireflies, then embark on a surreal journey of inner discovery through nature. The piece received the 2007 Gold Remi Award in Experimental Films and the Gold Remi Award in Family/Children Films at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and was a semi-finalist at the Moondance Film Festival. “The Firefly Club” was supported in part by funds from the Louisiana State Council and the Louisiana Division of the Arts and by the Art Council of Greater Baton Rouge through the Decentralized Arts Funding Program. 
     ▪ “You Dropped Your Quarter,” was selected by Fellom and Marsh as “Best of Show” out of all submissions adjudicated for the 2009 Strawberry Jam Reel Fest. Directed by Bryce James McGuire, produced by Phillip Johnston, Erica Heffelmire and Colton Davie, the seven-minute piece is a silent journey through the wide-open spaces of a young boy’s imagination. When he finds a quarter next to a pinball machine, the noises and motions of the game trigger memories both real and imagined: fantastic images of humor and fear, a mysterious journey into the unknown, and the innocence of young love.
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