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Southeastern to increase tuition 10 percent for fall semester

Contact: Rene Abadie


     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University has notified students to expect tuition to increase by 10 percent beginning in the fall semester.  The increase in tuition for a typical full-time resident undergraduate student will be approximately $188, according to university officials.
     While Louisiana colleges and universities already had Legislative approval for a five percent tuition increase, the recently passed Louisiana Granting Resources and Autonomy for Diplomas (GRAD) Act allows for an additional five percent increase based upon various performance expectations, which include increasing admission standards and demonstrating improved student retention and graduation rates. The university is working with the University of Louisiana System and Board of Regents to finalize those contractual objectives, which are in line with Southeastern’s existing strategic priorities.
     “We regret the potential hardship increased tuition may have on our students and their families; however, continuing state budget challenges dictate that we generate additional resources in order to ensure the quality of the education that is expected and deserved,” said President John L. Crain in a message sent to Southeastern students.
     In addition to conventional financial aid, hardship waivers will be available, and eligible students will be notified. Additional information concerning the criteria for a hardship waiver can be found on the Financial Aid website at
     “Southeastern has a proud tradition of affordability and access to all qualified students,” he added. “Even with this increase, Southeastern’s in-state tuition and fees are still very low in comparison to other similar institutions, both within Louisiana and across the southeast region of the country.”
     Like all of public higher education in Louisiana, Southeastern has suffered significant reductions in state appropriations over the past 18 months. Crain said the university’s share of those budget cuts amounts to approximately $16 million, or one fifth of the institution’s state appropriations.
     The tuition increase is expected to generate approximately $4 million.
     “However, we will incur unavoidable cost increases in several areas of operation, including fringe benefits, risk management premiums and utilities,” he said. “In addition, Southeastern’s state appropriation was reduced by $1.7 million for this fiscal year.”
     Crain emphasized that administration, faculty and staff members have worked to streamline operations and identify efficiencies at the university, while minimizing the impact on the core academic mission of serving students.

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