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Southeastern Total Mobile Access

Southeastern to introduce Total Mobile Access

Contact: Rene Abadie


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Southeastern introduces Total Mobile Access – Southeastern’s new Total Mobile Access system allows students to instantly retrieve information from the university’s databases via any mobile device, including iPhones and iPads, Blackberry phones, Androids and any other “smart” device.

     HAMMOND -- Abundant and easy access to Southeastern Louisiana University’s online resources and services are now at students’ fingertips.
     Want to check on grades? Need to know where your financial aid stands? Looking to map out next semester’s classes? These things and much more are now available through the university’s new total mobile access service. 
     The groundbreaking concept is designed for use with iPhones, Androids, iPads and any other kind of “smart” device. There will no longer be the need to fire up the laptop or find a computer in order to maneuver through the university’s online data systems.
     “It’s not an app; it’s so much more than an app,” said Chief Information Officer Mike Asoodeh. 
     He explained the service uses a different type of technology than traditional phone “Apps,” and does not require an App download. Users can simply go to Web site for portal access.
     In the initial launch this week, students are now able to access the status of their financial aid and other financials, grades and term details, class schedules and class details, a course catalog, and their individual planners. In addition, faculty will be able to lookup student information, review class rosters, teaching schedules, and grades.
     “We anticipate registration will be in place in time for the fall semester,” Asoodeh said.
     The mobile access technology is something “few universities are doing right now,” Asoodeh said. “In fact, other universities are looking at what we’re doing because this is truly innovative.”
     HighPoint Consulting is working with Southeastern to allow integration of its PeopleSoft Campus Solutions student system into user-friendly formats that will be immediately accessible via mobile devices. Asoodeh said “the technology employed by HighPoint is made for PeopleSoft.” 
     “There is a growing demand for this kind of service,” he said. “Our students and future students are the ‘Net Generation.’ They have grown up on video games and the Web, and they expect to be able to transact business and communicate via their mobile phones and other Web-linked devices. This is the number one technology project for the university as we move into enterprise document and content management.”
     “We had several students testing the system over the last several weeks, and they love it,” said Enrollment Services Director Lori Fairburn. “All the information they need about their course work, class and exam schedules and anything about Southeastern is immediately available to them.”
     “This is great,” said sophomore Sarah Boyett of Metairie, who tried out the piloted edition. “It’s user-friendly and everything you need is at the push of a button.”
     Sophomore Kayla Pittman of Angie, who uses an iPhone 3g, said the service will be especially useful during the first few weeks of a semester because it allows her to view her class times and locations. “It’s easy to use and gives me the ability to instantly review my grades and gpa,” she said. 
     Asoodeh said Southeastern’s current iPhone App, developed last month, will remain available in its pure App form, however all its features will also be folded into the new system.
     The complete structure is expected to be fully operational before the start of the fall semester, Asoodeh said.

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