Curriculum in Computer Science

Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science

Pre-MBA Concentration*

(see footnotes at bottom)


First Semester

††MATH 200G Calculus I 5 hours
ENGL 101G Freshman Composition 3 hours
  3 hours
††CMPS 161 Algorithm Design and Implementation I 3 hours
SE 101 Freshman Academic Success at Southeastern 2 hours
  Total: 16 hours


Second Semester

††MATH 201G Calculus II 5 hours
ENGL 102G Critical Reading and Writing 3 hours
††CMPS 257 or
MATH 223
Discrete Structures
Foundations of Discrete Mathematics
3 hours
††CMPS 280 Algorithm Design and Implementation II             3 hours
  Total: 14 hours



First Semester

††CMPS 120 Visual Programming 3 hours
††CMPS 285 Software Engineering 3 hours
††CMPS 290 or
CMPS 293
Computer Organization
Introduction to Assembly Language              
3 hours
COMM 211G Introduction to Public Speaking 3 hours
Sequence I2,G
  4 hours
  Total: 16 hours


Second Semester

††CMPS 375 Computer Architecture 3 hours
††CMPS 390 Data Structures 3 hours
ECON 201G Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics) 3 hours
ENGL 230, or
ENGL 231, or
World Literature
English Literature
American Literature
3 hours
Sequence II4,G
  4 hours
  Total: 16 hours




First Semester

††CMPS 401 Survey of Programming Languages 3 hours
††MGMT 351 Principles of Management 3 hours
ENGL 322 Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing 3 hours
ACCT 200 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3 hours
  4 hours
  Total: 16 hours


Second Semester

††CMPS 383 Information Systems 3 hours
††CMPS 431 Operating Systems 3 hours
BLAW 231 The Legal Environment of Business 3 hours
MATH 380 Applied Statistics 3 hours
††CMPS 415 Integrated Technologies for Enterprise Systems 3 hours
  Total: 15 hours




First Semester

††CMPS 411 Capstone I 3 hours
  3 hours
  3 hours
FIN 381 Business Finance 3 hours
ECON 202G Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)                       # hours
  Total: # hours



Second Semester

††CMPS 439 Database Systems 3 hours
††CMPS 482 Current Trends in Computer Science 3 hours
MRKT 303 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
  3 hours
  Total: 12 hours


Total semester hours required 120

Southeastern 101 is not required of transfer or readmitted Southeastern students with 30 hours or more. Those students will replace Southeastern 101 with 2 hours of electives.

GGeneral Education Courses

††Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all Computer Science courses and in Math 200 and 201.
1Choose from the following: Visual Arts, Music, Dance, or Theatre
2Choose a science sequence; including labs, from (Physics 221/223 & 222/224) or (Biology 151/152 & 153/154) or (Chemistry 121/123 & 122/124), and two science electives from the same set of courses, one of which must include the corresponding lab. If a science elective is in biology, then the science sequence must be either physics or chemistry. If science sequence is in biology, then the science electives must be in physics and/or chemistry. At least one biology course must include a lab.
3Choose from the following: MRKT 314, MRKT 342, ACCT 225, MGMT 375, MGMT 473, OMIS 435.

*Students wishing to enter Southeastern's MBA program upon graduation would be required to (1) complete BLAW 231 either prior to or in their first semester as an MBA student, (2) have a minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average, and (3) score a minimum of 450 on the GMAT.