Students who must leave the University before the end of a semester should contact the Office of the Registrar to discuss resignation rules. Prior to the last day to withdraw or resign from the University, students may obtain a Resignation Form from the Office of the Registrar for the student to have completed. Upon submission of the completed form, a grade of "W" is assigned to each course.

Students who leave the University without officially resigning from the University are considered absent for the remainder of the classes and will receive the appropriate grade(s). These grades affect the student's academic standing and may jeopardize the student's eligibility to reenter the University, receive financial aid, or transfer to another accredited institution. In addition, students leaving officially or unofficially prior to the 60 percent point in the semester are obligated to return a portion of the federal aid received for that semester.

After the last day to withdraw or resign from the University, a student who cannot complete the semester due to documented circumstances beyond the student's control may contact his/her academic dean to determine if the criteria are met for receiving a retroactive resignation.

Leave of Absence

Southeastern considers continuous progress of an undergraduate toward his or her degree highly desirable. Departments have designed programs so that students will schedule approximately one-eighth of their degree credits each semester in an orderly and identifiable sequence. "Dropping in" and "dropping out" are permitted without formal request and without penalty except (1) when a student wishes to schedule work for credit in another university during a summer semester, (2) during a semester while he or she is in residence at Southeastern, or (3) in a junior college after he or she has attained rank as a junior. Students returning to Southeastern after being out a year are required to return under the current catalog unless they have, prior to their dropping out, received a leave of absence for personal reasons or for doing work in another institution.

When a student desires to schedule work in another institution during a summer semester or during a regular semester in residence, he or she must secure permission of the department head and the academic dean so that both the student and the University may be assured that the work taken is creditable toward the degree program. Some departments may not grant students permission to schedule major courses elsewhere during their junior and senior years.

A student who transfers to another institution for one semester or more with the intention of returning to Southeastern should secure permission from the department head and the academic dean so that both the student and the University will be assured that the work scheduled elsewhere is creditable at Southeastern. Forms for scheduling classes elsewhere are available in the Office of Admissions.

In case of a prolonged absence from classes because of illness, injury, or pregnancy, students should discuss the situation with their academic dean. The dean will work within the University and departmental policies concerning leaves of absence for students.