How Do I Use the Admissions Tracking System?

  1. Ensure you have MS Access installed on your PC.
  2. Double click My Computer on your desktop.
  3. Double click the Y Drive folder.
  4. Navigate to the AdmTracking folder.
  5. Double click on the AdmTracking folder. If you have been given access, you will see files for several different semesters. For example, Spring07, Fall07, etc.
  6. Double click the desired semester. You may get a warning message when you try to open the application, click Open to continue. You will use this system to generate a list of new students who have attended Orientation so that communications can be sent out to register for classes. The list can be generated for three groups (admit types) of students:
    • Beginning Freshmen (BF)
    • Transfer Freshmen with less than 12 hours of transfer courses (TF1)
    • Transfer Freshmen with 12-29 hours of transfer courses (TF2).
  7. To generate the list, select the desired admit type from the drop down menu in the Admit Type combo box.
  8. Click on the List of MATR of ADMTInvited to Orientation and Attended button. An Output dialog box will open prompting you to save the Excel file containing the list of students. By default, the system assigns “AllApplicantInvitedtoORNTandAttended” as the file name.

  9. Rename the file and save it to your preferred location, such as the M drive. Please do not save your file to the Y Drive in the Admin Tracking folder.

  10. Click the OK button. The file will be saved and automatically open in Excel. You can now use the file to communicate with the students in your college or major.

  11. When you are done working in the Admissions Tracking System, click the Exit button and close MS Access.

Data Fields in the Generated Lists

  • DateTime – Date and Time the tracking system was last updated
  • Emplid – W number of the student
  • Admit_Type – Indicates if the student is a BF, TF1, or TF2
  • Last_Name – Last name of student
  • First_Name – First name of student
  • Address1 – Street name and number from the student’s mailing address
  • City – City from the student’s mailing address
  • State – State from the student’s mailing address
  • Postal – Zip code from the student’s mailing address
  • Phone – Student’s home phone number
  • Program_Action – Admission application status; will have a value of MATR or ADMT
  • Admit_Term – Term for which the students has submitted the application
  • College – College to which the student belongs
  • Major – Student’s major (academic plan)
  • Orn_Invite – Orientation to which the student was invited
  • Orn_Invite_Date – Date on which the invitation to attend an orientation was sent to the student
  • Orn_Atd – This field will always have the value of “C” indicating that the student has attended orientation
  • Orn_Atd_Date – Dateon which the student attended an orientation session
  • Enrolled in SE-101 – Indicates if the student has registered for SE 101. Y=Yes, N=No
  • Unt_Taken_Prgrss – This field indicates the number of credit hours the student is registered for, blank or zero indicates the student has not yet registered
  • Email – Southeastern’s e-mail address for the student