How Do I Access My Southeastern Email Account?

Access Southeastern Email Account

  1. Access Southeastern’s home page at:
  2. Click on the My Den hyperlink located at the top of the home page. Then click Webmail.
  3. Log in to Webmail. Your user name/email is your Southeastern email alias which is usually some form of your first and last name. If you do not know your Southeastern email, click on forgot email and put in your telephone number or recovery email account.
      • All entering students have an initial password for Webmail and LEONet of ‘SouthEastern’ and their birthdate.  IMPORTANT:  The password is case sensitive and requires the dashes- not slashes \ in the date!  For example, the initial password for a student with a birthdate of January 1, 1995 would be SouthEastern01-01-1995
  4. Your account should open and display emails that you have received.
  5. To open an email, click on the subject.
  6. Reply to the sender by clicking the Reply button on your Webmail toolbar. Once you have finished keying in your message, click the Send button on the Webmail toolbar.
  7. To create an email, click the Compose button on your Webmail toolbar. Once you have finished entering who you are sending the email to and your message, click the Send button.
  8. To delete an email, check the box next to the Subject of the email you wish to delete. Click the Delete button on the Webmail toolbar. This will move your email to a Trash folder.
  9. You will want to periodically delete old messages in your Trash folder. Click the Trash folder in the Folder field. Click on the Empty Trash now button at the top of your email.
  10. To send attachments with your email:
      • Click the Attachment button on your Webmail toolbar.
      • Click the Browse button next to the File name field. Search for your file and click on it.
      • Click the Add File button.
      • Click the OK button. The file is now attached to your email.

Things to Remember

  • Students should check their Southeastern email account daily. Southeastern will use your Southeastern email account to communicate important information to you.
  • Change your initial password. Entering students should change their initial password and set up their 2 step verification upon their first time logging in.
  • Your Southeastern email password and your LEONet password are the same. If you change your password for LEONet, your email password will also change.
  • Students are urged to access their account information and complete the Question/Answer in the Password Information box. This will allow you to easily find your password should you forget it.
  • Students should be familiar with Southeastern’s Email Policy. The Email policy can be found on the web at