How Do I Print an Enrollment Verification?

  1. Access Southeastern’s home page at:
  2. Click the MY DEN hyperlink at the top of Southeastern’s home page
  3. Sign in to LEONet for Students using Firefox or Chrome Web browsers only.
  4. Select Self Service > Enrollment Verification
  5. Wait a few moments to be connected to the National Student Clearinghouse website.
  6. Select either “Current Enrollment“ or “Enrollment History”.
  7. Click on link titled “Obtain Enrollment Verification”.
  8. Select file > Print from your browser’s tool bar.
  9. Remember to click “logoff” to sign out of the Clearinghouse site


*Current Enrollment is only for the semester in which the student is presently attending.
**For future semesters the student may request a Verification of Registration from the Enrollment Services Office, North Campus Main Building, Rm.113.