How Do I Use the Student Center?

Acess the Student Center

  1. To access LEONet, click the MY DEN hyperlink at the top of Southeastern’s home page.
  2. Click on LEONet – Students.
  3. Key in your university ID and password.
  4. Click the Sign In button.
  5. Select Self-Service > Student Center
  6. The Student Center page will display.


In this section there are hyperlinks to a variety of options: Search, Plan, Enroll, and My Academics. In addition, there is a dropdown box that will allow you to perform other functions such as access unofficial transcripts, transfer credits, course history, and grades. For more information on using these features, see the additional How Do I? documents for students at:


In this section, there are hyperlinks that will allow you to inquire about your Southeastern account, view your financial aid, and make a payment. There is also a dropdown menu that provides access to additional information such as account activity and payments.

To inquire about your account:

  • Click the Account Inquiry link.
  • Note: If you have enough pending financial aid to cover the total amount due, your Total Due box will be blank. If your anticipated aid is not posted, contact the Financial Aid Office. If you do not have enough anticipated aid to cover the amount due, the amount you should pay will display in the Total Due box.
  • To make a payment, click the Make a Payment link. Do not hit the Back button on your browser while processing or after the completion of your transaction.
  •  Once in the Nelnet portal, select the Make a Payment button.
  • Specify the amount to pay in the Payment Amount box or select the checkbox next to the term and the full amount will be populated. To continue, select the Next-Payment Method button.
  • Select the Payment Method of either Bank Account or Credit / Debit Card.
  • If Bank Account is selected, enter the Bank Account Details. It could be useful to have a bank check available to determine the proper information.
  • If Credit / Debit Card is selected, enter the credit card information and billing address information of the cardholder.
  • Ensure your credit card billing information is the same as your credit card billing address.
  • Once the payment information is entered, select ‘Save & Continue’.
  • Your campus email address should be listed as the email recipient. You may add an additional email recipient for the receipt if desired. Review other details for accuracy.
  • Click the Authorize Payment button.
  • Your receipt will be displayed.
  • Select ‘Proceed to Home’ to return to the Nelnet landing page.
  • Verify that the account balance has been reduced by the payment amount by signing out of Nelnet and logging back into your LeoNet account to view the Account Inquiry page.
  • Click the Sign Out button. Note: It is the student’s responsibility to check their account 24 hours after submitting a web payment to verify that the account balance is zero.

Personal Information

This section was designed so students could update their personal information. Currently, you are able to add and update your Emergency Contacts, change your User Preferences, and add or update current phone numbers. To advise the University of a name or address change, you must go to the Office of the Registrar and complete a Name Change Form or Change of Address Form. Both forms can be downloaded and completed from the Office of the Registrar web site at:

To add or edit a contact phone number:

  • Click the Current Phone Number link in the Contact Information box. 
  • To add a phone number, click the Add a Phone Number button. A new line will be added to the bottom of the Phone Numbers table:
  • Select the type of phone from the Phone Type dropdown menu
  • Key in the new information, and Save.
  • To change an existing phone number, select a new Phone Type from the dropdown menu if applicable.
  • Key in the new phone number, including the extension if necessary
  • Click the Save button

To select your user preferences:

  • Click the User Preferences link.
  • The Institution field should be set to Southeastern Louisiana University.
  • Select the type of academic career you are pursuing from the Academic Career dropdown men.
  • This will usually be Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Key the current term (semester) number into the Term field. If you are unsure of the term number, click the magnifying glass next to the Term field, click the Look Up button, and then click on the desired term, ex. 2168 is the term number for Fall 2016. The Term field will be populated with your selection.
  • Key the financial aid year into the Aid Year field. If you are unsure of the aid year, click the magnifying glass next to the Aid Year field, click the Look Up button, and then click on the current financial aid year. The Aid Year field will be populated with your selection  
  • Click the Save button to save your User Preferences


  • If you have an application pending, you can view the status from this area.
  • Note: this section was designed so you could select and save specific search criteria.