How do I Print My Unofficial Transcript?

Print Unofficial Transcript

  1. Access Southeastern’s home page at:
  2. Click on MY DEN hyperlink located at the top of Southeastern’s home page.
  3. Click on LEONet--Students.
  4. Sign In to LEONet. Key in your User ID and password. Click the Sign In button.
  5. Select Self Service > Academic Records > View Unofficial Transcript.
  6. Select All Unofficial Transcripts from the Report Type Dropdown menu.
  7. Click the Go button. Your unofficial transcript will display.
  8. Select File>Print on your browser’s toolbar to print your unofficial transcript.

Things to Remember

  • Your Term GPA is located under the listing of courses enrolled in for each term.
  • Your Cumulative GPA is located at the bottom of your unofficial transcript. For more information on calculating your GPA visit the How Do I Calculate My GPA Page.
  • You may request an official transcript from Southeastern’s Office of the Registrar. Visit the How To Request a Transcript page for more information.