How Do I Add Appeal Decisions?

  1. Sign In to LEONet Version 9 using your first initial and last name as your User ID. Remember to use CAPS when entering your User ID.
  2. Select Campus Community >Comments >Comments Person> Person Comment Entry.
  3. Insert student’s ID number.
  4. If it states “No matching values found” click Add a New Value or If it returns with a student’s comment, click Add to enter your appeal decisions
  5. To enter the appeal decision, place “STRM” in Administrative Function.
  6. In Comment Category, enter decision.
    • EAPLAC – Approved with Conditions
    • EAPLAP – Appeal Approved
    • EAPLDN – Appeal Denied
  7. Click on Variable Data and enter the Academic Career and appeal term
  8. If you need to add conditions to the comment, write any condition in the “Append Comments” box. 

Please Note: You are required to place any registration limitations to the student’s records. To place a limit of hours:

  • Click Records and Enrollment > Student Term Information > Term Activate a Student.
  • Click Enrollment Limit. Click “Override Unit Limits” and input numbers of hours allowed.
  • Click Save. If you have any questions please contact the Office of the Registrar @ 2066.