How Do I View a Student's Enrollment Summary?

  1. Sign in to PeopleSoft Version 9. Remember to use CAPS when entering your User ID.
  2. Select Records and Enrollment > Enrollment Summaries > Enrollment Summary.
  3. Key the student’s University ID in to the ID field and click the Search button. If you do not know the student’s ID, you can also search by his or her name. The student’s Enrollment Summary should display.
  4. To view the details about a particular course, click on the magnifying glass next to the class.
  5. To print a student enrollment summary with class meeting times:
    • Click Print Study List.
    • Click Report Manager.
    • Click the Refresh button until the status column reads “Posted,” then select Details in the Details column.
    • Click on the .pdf file (second listing in box)
    • Click the Print button on Adobe Acrobat tool bar
  6. Remember to sign out of PeopleSoft when you have finished your session.

Things to Remember

  • Do not include “W” when entering a student’s University ID.