Student at Graduation

We help students succeed. Company-advised curricula, hands-on applied instruction, career-readiness services, networking opportunities with prospective employers and more produces unparalleled career preparation.

Student Success

Receive unparalleled career preparation for in-demand jobs.

The Workforce Talent Initiative is a valuable resource for all students, both technology and non-technology majors. By incorporating technology courses into your studies, whether through electives, a minor, or attending extracurricular lectures and skill-building activities, you can expand and strengthen your career options.

Through real-world training that emphasizes foundational and advanced technical knowledge; applied learning to develop and hone practical skill sets; and preparation to become an agile, life-long learner, you will be actively engaged in learning and given the tools for success.

Creating the Competitive Edge

  • Internships and mentoring
  • Career fairs and job search assistance
  • Company recruitment for branded projects and internships
  • Workshops in resume writing / review, interviewing skills, and professionalism
  • Tutoring labs, skill workshops, and advising in areas such as study strategies and time management
  • Special lectures and forums conducted by technology leaders and subject-matter experts
  • Networking with technology experts and prospective employers

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