Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy



Google Apps Beginner Series


Classes from 3pm-4pm and Open Labs from 4pm-4:30pm (Recommended time 40-90 minutes)

Please read the descriptions for each class and register for those you would like to participate in.  To sign up just click on the link to register for classes you would like to attend

Google Workspace for Beginners Registration - July 25th 

Perfect for those new to computers tor want to refresh their technology skills.  Learn how to use a free set of online tools call "Google Apps."


Google Search for Beginners Registration - July 27th

Learn how to use Google Search to find information you need quickly and efficiently.


Google Sheets for Beginners Registration - Aug 1st

Use Google sheets to create a budget for a celebration and perform calculations.


Google Drive for Beginners Registration - Aug 3rd

Learn the skills you'll need to use google Drive efficiently and keep drive organized.


Google Docs for Beginners Registration - Aug 8th

Plan a celebration by creating a new document containing details about your event. The lesson is designed for people who are new to technology.


Google Meet Registration - Aug 10th

Hold a virtual meeting to plan details of your celebration using Google Meet.


Gmail for Beginners Registration - Aug 15th

Learn about about Gmail: explore your inbox, compose and email, add an attachment, and reply to emails you receive.


Google Calendar for Beginners Registration - Aug 17th

Create an event on Google Calendar, add details, and invite other people to your event.