Event Security

For events on campus, the general rule is to assign one University Police officer to assist with every 100 guests. The University reserves the right to assign more officers to your event as deemed necessary for the security of those on campus during your event.

For events where alcohol is served, the University Police Department requires at least 1 officer per every 100 guests. 

University Police officers are paid $40 per hour per officer for events, and this charge will be included in your rental invoice.Officers are assigned at a minimum of four hours per event and must be present 30 minutes prior to the event's start time and 30 minutes following the event's conclusion. 

Officer(s) assigned to an event are expected to be on duty at the event no more than five (5) minutes prior to or after the "Officer Arrival Time" listed in this contract and will remain on duty at the event until the event has ended, any crowds have cleared the facility and parking areas, and any incidents resulting from or related to the event have been fully resolved.