Work-Study Employment Forms

Work Study Packet

(submit to Financial Aid Work Study Office)

New Hires

If the student worker has never worked an on-campus job, please submit the New Hire Student Worker Packet. New students must also complete the Student Worker Training and print the certificate. 

Other Required Forms

403 (b) Savings Plan (Submit to Human Resources, SLU Box 10799)
Direct Deposit Form (Submit to Payroll, SLU 10720)
Bloodborne Pathogens (Complete via Moodle)
Drug Free Workplace Awareness (Complete via Moodle)
Return to Transitional Duty (Complete via Moodle)

Existing Student Workers

If the student worker is an exising student worker and needs to update any information, please print the necessary document from the following list of forms.

2020-2021 Work Study Referral Form
Student Employment Data Form
Loyalty Oath
Form W-4 (Print page 1 only)
Form L-4
Form L-4E (Print this form if filing "Exempt")
Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification 
Nepotism Form
Minor Intention to Employ Form (required if new hire is under the age of 18)

Supervisors and Timekeepers

Job Description Form (View instructions for Job Description Form)